5 RPR / SPIRAFIL hollow spindle twisting machines for the production of fancy yarns, single and double-bound spiral yarns.

2 LEGAFIL 400 spinning machines hollow spindle twisting machines for the production of classical type fancy yarns.

 4 Legafil hollow spindle fancy spinning machines, particularly suited for the production of lightweight, bulky yarns from NM 4000 to NM 20000.

 3 Gualchieri e Gualchieri Fantextra  hollow spindle and/or needle-head spinning machines with double draft for the production of classical and fancy yarns, rovings or ribbons.

1 Sant’ Andrea Preparation Line and 1 Schlumberger roving frame with 64 positions, work with the maximum control to produce a wide range of raw materials, enabling us to produce blends from 100% alpaca to 100% mohair as well as blends of wool, viscose and linen.

72 Position FADIS ELECTRONIC DRAW SPOOLING MACHINES: when processing HOLLOW SPINDLE yarns, much of the work depends on good preparation of the flangedcheeses: the Spoolex and Sincro cheese winders are the best system on the market for this delicate process.
The machines are fully electronic, with independent heads and high productivity, making them essential for the realization of quality products.

The small in-house laboratory is equipped with a number of fundamental instruments for the process control.